Ajit Pai: White House’s ‘Team Telecom’ Initiative Streamlines FCC Foreign Ownership Reviews

Ajit Pai
Ajit Pai

Ajit Pai, chairman of the Federal Communications Commission, has announced his support for the Trump administration’s creation of a committee responsible for evaluating foreign entities operating in the U.S. telecommunications sector.

Pai said in a statement released Monday that the establishment of the “Team Telecom” committee will streamline FCC’s coordination with the executive branch while accelerating the agency’s reforms on the foreign ownership vetting procedures.

He noted that FCC welcomes investment in U.S. telecom infrastructure but will “not hesitate to act to protect our networks from foreign threats.”

According to a Nextgov report, Team Telecom will conduct national security reviews to aid the FCC’s foreign ownership reviews throughout a 120-day period. The committee’s members include officials such as the secretaries of defense and homeland security as well as the attorney general.

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