Navy Dept Stands Up Organization to Apply DevSecOps Software Dev’t

The Department of the Navy has begun efforts to implement the development, security and operations or DevSecOps approach in the U.S. Marine Corps’ software development activities.

The Operational Application and Service Innovation Site, part of Naval Information Warfare Center Atlantic, began efforts to help USMC apply the methodology that takes security into focus across development, DON said Friday.

“The Department of the Navy has to become a software company with warfighters, because countless software-based battlefield missions can immediately benefit from the DevSecOps approach, making the future of OASIS critically relevant to operations in the information environment,” said Peter Reddy, executive director at NIWC Atlantic.

DON based OASIS on the U.S. Air Force’s Kessel Run team that has been using DevSecOps to transform USAF software development.

DevSecOps allows for faster development through the use of automation technologies. For example, an artificial intelligence platform would report situational data and quantitative aspects of software being developed.

“By not focusing on a single pipeline, or single platform, OASIS is giving technology professionals the power of the latest mainstream tools, coupled with the power of choice,” said Jeff Hays, an enterprise engineering team lead at NIWC Atlantic.

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