US, UK Defense Depts to Hold Int’l Space Pitch Day in November

US, UK Defense Depts to Hold Int’l Space Pitch Day in November
Space Pitch Day

The Department of Defense (DoD) and its U.K. counterpart will host an International Space Pitch Day on November 16 and 17 in a move to promote allied efforts in the space community.

The U.K. Ministry of Defence said in a notice posted Wednesday the two entities are soliciting “military space capability” proposals and plan to allocate $1M in funding for 15 selected concepts.

The successful proposers must first present their concepts during the pitch day for a chance to receive up to $67K in funds to develop their proposals.

Both defense agencies will also partner with startup accelerator Starburst Aerospace to conduct pitch training sessions and design sprints for the invited proposers.

According to the competition scope, participants must have the capacity to provide technologies in areas such as health monitoring, command visualization, space weather, training systems and space domain awareness.

Interested parties must register until Aug. 19 and submit proposals by Sept. 2.

The U.K. defense ministry said the event “may be held virtually” in line with developments on the COVID-19 situation. According to a Defense News report, the event is slated to take place in London with American, British and NATO officials in attendance.

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