JAIC’s Stephanie Culberson on New JAIC Forum’s Role in Driving AI-Driven Readiness

JAIC’s Stephanie Culberson on New JAIC Forum’s Role in Driving AI-Driven Readiness
Domain-Aware Artificial Intelligence

Stephanie Culberson, head of international artificial intelligence policy at the Joint Artificial Intelligence Center (JAIC), said the center's new forum is meant to drive discussion on AI’s role in ensuring military readiness, C4ISRnet reported Saturday.

The Partnership for Defense, which JAIC created late last year, is meant to provide an “open door” to allies in AI efforts in addition to driving talent-sharing across the Department of Defense (DOD) to address workforce shortages, Culberson told the publication.

“I see it has kind of the same thing actually for international: to help enable key allies and partners, which at the end of the day is going to make our war fighter more ready to have ready allies at their side,” noted Culberson.

The partnership includes representatives from allied defense entities and is expected to gather thrice a year. According to Culberson, the U.S. must work to coordinate with “like-minded allies” and leverage its data collated from past decades to improve readiness.

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