EPA CIO Vaughn Noga on Agency’s Goal of Building a Cybersecurity-Aware Culture

EPA CIO Vaughn Noga on Agency’s Goal of Building a Cybersecurity-Aware Culture
Vaughn Noga CIO EPA

Vaughn Noga, chief information officer of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), has talked about EPA's goals of creating a cybersecurity-aware culture and decreasing hindrances to deployment and operation of new applications and systems. 

Speaking at Federal News Network's Federal Drive with Tom Temin segment, Noga cited the need to prioritize the agency's approach to fielding systems and getting them through the extract, transform and load process.

"[It is] a long way of saying we need to make it easier for our state agency stakeholders… And quite frankly, we need to reduce the barrier and the burden on our stakeholders, so they can be productive much quicker," he added.

To develop a cybersecurity-aware culture, Noga said EPA must educate its workforce on system requirements for defending against malicious cyber attacks.

“And part and parcel of that are working with them to understand what their role is in protecting the IT systems and the data and the assets of the EPA,” he continued.

Noga also discussed his office's efforts to ensure accessibility of data to inform the decision-making process. He cited how EPA moved paperless activities to digital to enable employees to work from anywhere.

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