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Air Force Looks to AI Tech to Accelerate Decision-Making Process

The U.S. Air Force plans to advance this year a program that seeks to combine video, text and other data sources through artificial intelligence to facilitate the decision-making process among commanders, airmen and other service personnel, Defense One reported Monday.

The Data to Decision program aims to facilitate “a complete cycle of understanding, from predicting what we expect to encounter, prescribe what can be done to help understand the environment, then find, fix, track, target, engage, assess, anything, anytime, anywhere in any domain,” Mark Tapper, a D2D program proponent at the Air Force, told Defense One in an email.

“Our mantra is improve every decision – those made by airmen or by machines,” Tapper added.

D2D is an experimentation campaign that supports the service branch’s Air Superiority 2030 flight plan and aims to use all data from national, open and unstructured sources, Tapper said.

Potential data may include aerial surveillance footage, data collected from aircraft, jets and drones through livestreaming, soldier-worn sensors and biophysical data of pilots.

Tapper noted that the Air Force will use AI and machine learning tools to help develop neural networks from various sources of information and determine the potential use of such networks in helping the service execute its missions.

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