Pentagon Seeks to Reprogram $4.7B in Funds to Procure Additional Military Weapons

The Defense Department has asked Congress for permission to transfer $4.7 billion in funds to equip the U.S. Army with additional weapons systems and accelerate military technology development programs, Bloomberg reported Tuesday.

DoD said in a reprogramming proposal it wants to redirect $363 million to procure 100 Patriot missile defense interceptors from Lockheed Martin and shift another $291 million to buy 91 Stryker infantry transport vehicles from General Dynamics.

The Pentagon also seeks to redirect funds toward procurement of modern night-vision goggles, demonstrate a deep strike cannon artillery system as well as development of a “hypersonic” conventional strike munition prototype.

Additionally, DoD wants to use $70 million as down payment on a planned $1.7 billion project to build a Joint Artificial Intelligence Center.

The fund reprogramming plan is subject to approval by four congressional panels, the report noted.

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