Air Force Unveils BRICE Mobile App for Handling Aircraft Maintenance Workload

The U.S. Air Force has completed user acceptance trials for its Battle Record Information Core Environment aircraft maintenance app and expects to incorporate 100 mobile users by February, the Air Force said Monday.

The Air Force partnered with Amazon, Monkton and Verizon to develop the iOS mobile app enabling its staff to access the service branch’s maintenance database in real time. The BRICE app is designed to meet the Department of Defense authentication requirements and allows authorized personnel to input and transmit data such as flight line and aircraft repair data.

Maj. Jonathan Jordan, A6 logistics IT policy and strategy branch chief for the Air Force Reserve, said the BRICE team integrated a modern interface with a legacy base system in order to access information from almost anywhere.

Around 81 percent of the testers who took part in the acceptance trials at Davis Monthan Air Force Base in Arizona reported that the app saved an hour or more of maintenance workload.

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