Space Development Agency’s Five-Year Budget Plan Includes $10.6B for Satellite ‘Layers’

Jeff Brody

The Space Development Agency’s proposed budget seeks over $11 billion in funds in the next five years to design and field satellite constellations in support of military missions as well as support other space programs, SpaceNews reported Sunday.

The five-year budget plan includes $10.6 billion in funds to support research and development work, prototyping, testing and launch of space “layers” and $582 million in baseline funds to support studies and come up with roadmaps for current space initiatives.

SDA will initially design the National Defense Space Architecture, which will be composed of seven layers and incorporate capabilities across industry and the Department of Defense, before it begins development work on the constellations, according to the report.

SDA’s budget requests for each layer are listed below:

  • Transport layer – $6M in 2021 and $3.6B over five years
  • Tracking layer – $39M in 2021 and 1.8B over five years
  • Custody layer – $18M in 2021 and $232M over five years
  • Battle management layer – $10M in 2021 and $56M over five years
  • Navigation layer – $10M in 2021 and $56M over five years
  • Deterrence layer – $1M in 2021 and $451M over five years
  • Support layer – $61M in 2021 and $1.4B over five years

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