SBA’s Sanjay Gupta Details What Agencies Need in Cloud Migration

Sanjay Gupta, chief technology officer at the Small Business Administration, said agencies should assess options when moving to the cloud, especially when considering either a single or multi-cloud enterprise to save time and cut migration costs, GovernmentCIO Media & Research reported Friday

He said at the recent FCW 2019 Cloud Summit that agency leaders should focus on technology, people and process as the traditional three domains in enterprise cloud migration. In the area of technology, either a single cloud or multi-cloud environment requires focus on connectivity, tool assessment from providers and data management to cut costs when moving between clouds. 

Gupta also cited the advantages and disadvantages of vendor lock-in. He said working with a single cloud service provider offers an easier and cheaper process to manage and leverage commercial services. However, he noted having a multi-cloud environment provides the extra “room” missing in a single-cloud environment with one provider. The SBA is using cloud services from Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure along with software-as-a-service tools from Salesforce and Adobe to manage its data. 

“Get to a cloud, doesn’t matter which cloud it is. Make the decision quick because cloud is not your destination,” Gupta said. “Pick one, move on and try to leverage the value that the cloud brings to you.”

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