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DOE to Support Nuclear Energy Research Through $82M Investment; Ernest Moniz Comments

Nuclear powerplantThe Energy Department has issued more than $82 million in funds to 93 research and development projects on nuclear energy.

“Nuclear power is our nation’s largest source of low-carbon electricity and is a vital component in our efforts to both provide affordable and reliable electricity and to combat climate change,” Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz said Tuesday.

“These awards will help scientists and engineers as they continue to innovate with advanced nuclear technologies.”

DOE will dole out approximately $36 million to support 49 university-led R&D projects through the Nuclear Energy University Program and $9 million for research work on neutron and ion irradiation testing through the Nuclear Science User Facilities initiative.

Other grants include $6 million for 15 universities that seek to update research reactors and related training infrastructure, $21 million for 6 integrated research projects on nuclear waste mobilization and nuclear-based robotics platforms, and $7 million for crosscutting nuclear R&D projects.

Westinghouse, Argonne National Laboratory and Virginia Polytechnic Institute will also receive $3 million in funds from DOE to develop communication processes for nuclear plants through the Gateway for Accelerated Innovation in Nuclear program.

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