DoD, ODNI Revise Fiscal 2017 Budget Requests for Military, National Intelligence Programs

The Defense Department and the Office of the Director of National Intelligence have released updated budget requests of $18.5 billion and $54.9 billion for their respective intelligence programs through the end of fiscal year 2017.

DoD said Tuesday the revised top-line amount it proposes for the Military Intelligence Program includes base and overseas contingency operations funds.

The original MIP budget request DoD issued in February was for $16.8 billion.

ODNI also unveiled Tuesday a $1.4 billion increase in proposed fiscal 2017 appropriations for the National Intelligence Program from the $53.5 billion total that it indicated in February.

The sought funds for MIP and NIP together amount to $73.4 billion to support the U.S. intelligence community for the current fiscal year.

DoD received $17.7 billion of the $17.9 billion it sought for MIP in fiscal 2016, while ODNI secured $53 billion of its requested $53.9 billion that year.

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