David Spirk on DoD’s Data Strategy, Joint All Domain C2 Concept

David Spirk on DoD’s Data Strategy, Joint All Domain C2 Concept
David Spirk Chief Data Officer DOD

David Spirk, chief data officer at the Department of Defense (DoD), said DoD developed its data strategy with the Joint All Domain Command and Control (JADC2) concept in mind, Federal News Network reported Friday. 

He said the department’s cross-functional team responsible for developing JADC2 has adopted the goals of the data strategy. The Pentagon released in October the data strategy that considers data as a strategic asset critical to building and maintaining operational advantage on the battlefield.

“We’ve come to an agreement to bring the JADC2 data interoperability working group into one of our working groups under the DoD CDO Council,” he said. “When you lay the data strategy out and you really go to the principles inside of it, it’s about creating operational advantage and efficiencies. The operational advantage puts JADC2 right at the heart of the data strategy, and it was designed to be that way."

Spirk said the Pentagon’s view of data has transformed from an “outside-in” to an “inside-out” mindset.

“When we talk about inside-out, we’re really talking about putting the warfighter and senior leader who needs to make a better decision at the center of everything, and ensuring that the data can flow. The requirements flow from them to the portions of the machine that need to make their data available so it can be pulled back to the center, be aggregated, be analyzed, and render decisions in a faster manner at the speed of mission,” he said.

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