Deloitte Partners With Chatterbox To Create Ethical AI Technology; Beena Ammanath Quoted

Deloitte Partners With Chatterbox To Create Ethical AI Technology; Beena Ammanath Quoted

Deloitte AI Institute announced Monday a new partnership with Chatterbox Labs to develop Model Insights for Trustworthy AI, a Deloitte-branded product that will assist organizations address artificial intelligence (AI) ethics by monitoring, updating, and validating clients’ AI models.

"Our Trustworthy AI framework guides organizations in developing appropriate safeguards and using AI in an ethical manner. Through our collaboration with Chatterbox Labs, our Model Insights technology solution can help our clients put the Trustworthy AI framework into action and mitigate the ethical risks associated with AI," commented Beena Ammanath, executive director of Deloitte AI Institute. 

Deloitte discovered in its “State of AI in the Enterprise" third edition study of AI adopters that 95% of respondents were concerned about ethical implications. In response to the survey, Deloitte created its Trustworthy AI framework, which will guide clients on how to use AI in their business models responsibly and effectively. 

The partnership with Chatterbox will operationalize the Trustworthy AI framework with a new technology solution, Model Insights for Trustworthy AI. Model Insights will recognize immediate insights and unaccounted for biases which will allow clients to be sure their AI models are ethical and fair. 

Deloitte's Model Insights solution is built on Artificial Intelligence Model Insights (AIMI) from Chatterbox Labs. This patented platform delivers data and insights into enterprise AI models, enabling organizations to validate and understand their AI initiatives and ensure they are operating fairly and ethically. 

"Our collaboration with the Deloitte AI Institute will provide Deloitte clients with deep insights into how their AI models are operating so that they can mitigate ethical risks and validate their systems are trustworthy and fair," said Danny Coleman, CEO of Chatterbox Labs.

Deloitte and Chatterbox’s collaboration can impact a wide variety of organizations that are rapidly adopting AI technology, such as financial services, government, public sector, life sciences and healthcare. Model Insights for Trustworthy AI could provide those organizations with a deep AI experience with an ethical framework. 

"Rapid developments in AI have unlocked incredible opportunities for organizations globally. At the same time, more work is needed to ensure the ethical use of AI technology," concluded Ammanath.

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