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Report: White House Prepares for Possible Govt Shutdown With Contingency Plan Guidance

The White House will provide federal agencies guidance on Friday that details contingency plans in the event of a government shutdown if Congress fails to pass a spending package ahead of the April 28 deadline, The Washington Times reported Wednesday.

S.A. Miller writes White House officials said the Office of Management and Budget will adopt the protocols included in the Obama administration’s July 2016 budget circular.

“One week prior to the expiration of appropriations bills, regardless of whether the enactment of appropriations appears imminent, OMB will convene a meeting or teleconference with agency senior officials to remind agencies of their responsibilities to review and update orderly shutdown plans,” according to the circular obtained by the publication.

The report noted that House and Senate lawmakers have begun negotiations since spring break on the budget package for the remaining months of fiscal 2017 but several provisions remain unsettled such as President Donald Trump’s proposed U.S. border wall with Mexico, increase in defense spending and “cost sharing” payments under Obamacare.

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