Maj. Gen. John Jansen Nominated to Serve as Marine Corps’ Top Budget Officer

John Jansen

Maj. Gen John Jansen, commandant of the National Defense University’s Dwight D. Eisenhower School for National Security and Resource Strategy, has been nominated to be deputy commandant for programs and resources at the U.S. Marine Corps.

President Trump also endorsed Jansen’s appointment to the rank of lieutenant general, the Defense Department said Monday.

Jansen would serve as principal financial adviser to the USMC commandant and the service branch’s principal spokesperson on budget and program matters across the Department of the Navy and DoD.

In his current role, he supervises 380 personnel and implements senior-level courses focused on national security and resourcing strategy.

He has logged more than 3100 flight hours, including 2800 hours with the F/A-18 aircraft and more than 480 arrested carrier landings.

USMC commissioned Jansen in 1986 and designated him as naval aviator for VMFAT-101 at the Marine Corps Air Station in El Toro, Calif.,  in 1990.

Jansen also worked for the Defense Threat Reduction Agency in Darmstadt, Germany, and completed a joint assignment as an arms control inspection team chief and a unit executive officer there.

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