Courtney Winship: USCIS Initiates Measures to Implement Digital Government Law

Courtney Winship, head of digital services division at the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, mentioned during a GovLoop webinar that the USCIS is taking measures to implement a new law to improve the accessibility and security of government websites, Federal News Network reported Thursday. Winship said USCIS plans to adopt a mobile-first approach to comply with the 21st-Century Integrated Digital Experience Act and has merged some of the departments that deal with public-facing digital platforms in the past six to eight months.

“We are now one unit. And now we can really focus on how we build a unified experience that includes things like content and design, as well as how we look to integrate with our live-help services,” she said at the webinar held Thursday. “We are really aiming to create a 360-[degree] view, and help people navigate more smoothly through their interactions with USCIS.”

The report noted that the agency has begun examining the case for machine learning and artificial intelligence to facilitate the delivery of services to the public.

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