NSF Awards 43 Research Grants Under Collaborative Accelerator Program

Jeff Brody

The National Science Foundation has awarded 43 grants worth $39M to support collaborative fundamental scientific exploration efforts as part of an accelerator program. The Convergence Accelerator initiative seeks to validate research areas that are amenable for partnerships between research teams, nonprofit organizations, private companies and the government, NSF said Tuesday.

NSF noted that the program will focus on the employment of data science and the implementation of human-technology interaction at the workplace.

"For decades, traditionally the private sector has not been able to justify investment in basic research due to a lack of obvious commercial applications," said Douglas Maughan, Convergence Accelerator office head at NSF. "With the Convergence Accelerator, we're challenging that notion, engaging with partners who can use their experience to help us support research that can change and enhance American society."

The full list of awardees can be viewed here.

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