Army to Deploy Support Units for Planned Stryker-Mounted Electronic Warfare System

Army to Deploy Support Units for Planned Stryker-Mounted Electronic Warfare System
Stryker Fighting Vehicle

The U.S. Army plans to establish electronic warfare groups for brigade combat teams that will be responsible for a proposed integrated electronic-attack system designed for the service branch’s Stryker fighting vehicles, C4ISRnet reported Friday.

Lockheed Martin and Germantown, Maryland-based manufacturer Digital Receiver Technology are producing prototypes of the Terrestrial Layer System Brigade Combat Team platform which is designed for signals intelligence, cyber and electronic warfare functions.

Col. Daniel Holland, capabilities manager for electronic warfare at the Army, told the publication that the service plans to deploy a SIGINT network support teams and electronic warfare platoons that will handle TLS-BCT.

He noted that the Army intends for the platoons to be in place ahead of TLS-BCT’s delivery to warfighters. The 1st Stryker Brigade Combat Team, 4th Infantry Division slated to receive the first system in 2022. 

Most units will continue receiving the platform through fiscal 2027, said Holland. The Army also plans to create electronic warfare companies at the corps- and division-level to operate the TLS-Echelons Above Brigade platform, according to the report.

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