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Robert Lightfoot to Serve as Acting NASA Administrator

Robert Lightfoot

NASA Associate Administrator Robert Lightfoot will replace Charles Bolden as the space agency’s acting administrator after the latter’s tenure ends on Jan. 20, SpacePolicyOnline.com reported Thursday.

Marcia Smith writes Bolden said at a town hall meeting with NASA employees that President-elect Donald Trump’s transition team announced Lightfoot’s new role and requested David Radzanowski to temporarily stay at the agency as chief financial officer.

The report said Lightfoot will lead NASA until a permanent replacement is named.

The 28-year agency veteran previously served as director of Marshall Space Flight Center, deputy director of the Marshall Center and manager of Marshall’s space shuttle propulsion office.

He also worked as assistant associate administrator for the Space Shuttle Program within NASA’s office of space operations; director of Stennis Space Center’s propulsion test directorate; and deputy director of the SSC organization.

Lightfoot started his NASA career as a test engineer and program manager for the space shuttle main engine technology test bed program and the Russian RD-180 engine testing program for the Atlas launch vehicle.

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