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Trump Administration Seeks to Create $1.2B Budget Account for VA EHR Modernization

The Trump administration wants to create a $1.2 billion budget account that will cover the modernization of the Department of Veterans Affairs‘ electronic health record system, FCW reported Monday.

The planned budget line would support VA’s adoption of Cerner‘s EHR system as well as the sharing of EHR infrastructure and common software with the Defense Department.

VA Secretary David Shulkin announced in June 2017 that VA and DoD will adopt the same commercial off-the-shelf EHR system, dubbed MHS Genesis, which is based on Cerner’s Millenium EHR platform.

The $1.2 billion budget includes $675 million in contract funds for Cerner, $120 million for program management and $412 million for infrastructure support.

John Short, VA chief technology officer, told reporters that VA is set to finalize the deal with Cerner by the end of the month and that the company has completed a report on the interoperability between its EHR system and other commercial products as requested by Shulkin.

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