GSA Looks to Release Handbook on RPA Monitoring, Access Mgmt

GSA Looks to Release Handbook on RPA Monitoring, Access Mgmt
Artificial Intelligence

The General Services Administration (GSA) plans to publicly release a handbook to help agencies seeking to integrate artificial intelligence (AI) and robotic process automation (RPA) into their operations, Federal News Network reported Tuesday.

GSA’s Identity Assurance and Trusted Access Division developed the Digital Worker Credentialing Handbook which outlines procedures for deploying bots or “digital workers” based on level of supervision. The handbook also includes recommendations for periodic assessments on digital workers' access privileges.

Daria Medved, deputy director for emerging technology at GSA, said at an Advanced Technology Advanced Research Center event that the handbook seeks to ensure that the right controls are in place and that validations for bots are monitored.

Ken Myers, cyber policy and strategy planner at the agency, said communities of interest can work to establish ethical guidelines for the assessment of these digital workers.

“We found that a lot of agencies were using human-based identity processes to credential a digital worker, and it doesn’t always doesn’t always work like that," he noted. “There’s some things that are specific to humans that don’t correlate to a digital identity.”

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