CBP to Terminate 2 Border Barrier Construction Contracts

CBP to Terminate 2 Border Barrier Construction Contracts
Border Wall

The Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) Customs and Border Protection (CBP) is canceling two contracts for border wall construction projects in the Laredo sector in Texas. 

The move came more than a month after DHS unveiled its plan for funds the previous administration was planning to use for border barrier projects, the department said Friday.

The contracts being terminated cover about 31 miles of border barriers funded with the department’s appropriations for fiscal year 2020.

DHS said construction has not yet begun on two Laredo barrier projects and that CBP plans to take part in environmental planning with regard to the projects. 

The department continues to assess all other border wall projects that have been deferred and is working to determine which projects to advance in order to address safety, life and environmental concerns.

CBP awarded the Laredo border wall projects to Fisher Sand & Gravel Co. and Southwest Valley Constructors in September.

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