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Navy Looks to Improve Training With Live, Virtual, Constructive Technologies

A top U.S. Navy official has said the service intends to combine live, virtual and constructive training technologies to improve how it prepares service members for future deployment, National Defense reported Tuesday.

Adm. Christopher Grady, commander of U.S. Fleet Forces Command, said the Navy looks to update its technology, integrate supporting infrastructures and create new procedures for the integration of training systems. 

LVC training will combine virtual reality, simulations and synthetic weapons to reduce the need to engage in high-risk, high-cost live training. 

The effort comes amid the changing battlefield that now includes space and cyber operations, Grady noted. 

“We have an imperative to transform how we train and prepare ourselves,” he said. “We need to adopt an innovative, aggressive approach to our warfighting development.”

The Navy currently uses LVC technologies enabling submarine crews to train in virtual battles to strengthen tactical abilities. 

Grady said such training also allows the service to train entire strike groups and provide fleet commanders with the ability to command forces in realistic conditions.

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