Navy Looking to Improve Logistics, Decision-Making With Artificial Intelligence

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A top research official with the U.S. Navy said the service is looking at artificial intelligence to improve logistics and decision-making in future missions, Federal News Network reported Friday.

Rear Adm. David Hahn, chief of naval research, said the Navy could utilize AI the same way private companies like Amazon use the technology to deliver goods and optimize a set of distribution and delivery mechanisms. He added that AI tools provide the ability “to connect to a wide variety of customers… and to rapidly access a global logistics chain with end products.” 

Military leaders could use machine learning to speed up decision-making in future conflicts. Hahn said commanders may use the technology to analyze incomplete or false information despite operating with disadvantaged communication systems or in harsh environments. The private sector is helping boost the use of AI in the U.S. Hahn also said firms have been funding research and development projects to “rapidly move from discovery to application to create things.”