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DARPA-Funded University of Washington Research Team Develops Protein Design Method


The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency has funded a University of Washington research team that created a method to design customized proteins that can self-assemble structures inside living cells. DARPA said Thursday the design method helps the agency’s push to efficiently deliver biomedical treatments such as DNA vaccines and therapeutic interfering particles to cells. …

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GAO Urges USPTO to Address Patent Quality Definition, Examiner Incentives & Patent Application Clarity


The Government Accountability Office has called on the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office to articulate a comprehensive definition for patent quality, address the clarity of patent applications and reassess time allotted for application examinations. GAO said in a report published Wednesday district court filings of patent infringement lawsuits increased to more than 5,000 in 2015 from approximately 2,000 …

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DoD Updates Manual on International Law Principles for Armed Conflict

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The Defense Department has updated its guidance for DoD military and civilian personnel who implement the law of war in support of military operations. DoD said Friday the update on the 2015 Law of War manual provided to military commanders, legal practitioners and other personnel covers international law principles that establish measures to protect journalists. “[DoD] …

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Ray Mabus: Navy Implements Assessment Program to Promote Professional Growth for Officers, Civilians

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Navy Secretary Ray Mabus has directed a new set of policies and procedures to implement a program that supports ongoing efforts for professional growth among uniformed Navy and Marine Corps officers plus the supporting civilian workforce. The Navy said Thursday the Full and Inclusive Review program will use the 360-degree review multi-rater assessment for all military …

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MDA Unveils Fort Drum In-Flight Interceptor Communications System Data Terminal

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The U.S. Missile Defense Agency has unveiled a new a data terminal designed to continuously send and receive updates to the Exo-atmospheric Kill Vehicle weapon during a ceremony at Fort Drum, New York. MDA said Thursday that Black and Veatch designed the In-Flight Interceptor Communications System, which was was constructed by Black Horse Group under the guidance of the …

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