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NGA Launches Competition to Address Disparate Data Challenges


The National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency has launched a $200,000 competition on the Challenge.gov website for programs that would help address the agency’s disparate data challenges. The challenge aims to provide unified access to data with different formats, schemas, interfaces and locations to support applications such as business metrics and information analytics, NGA said Tuesday. NGA Director Robert …

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Pentagon Creates Advisory Panel on Streamlining Acquisition Process

acquisition policy

The Defense Department has launched an advisory panel with a two-year charter to help streamline the military’s acquisition process, Defense News reported Tuesday. Aaron Mehta writes Deidre Lee, a former director of Defense Procurement and Acquisition Policy and previously a Office of Federal Procurement Policy administrator, will lead the Advisory Panel on Streamlining …

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MDA Head James Syring: Agency Eyes Laser Tech to Support Future Military Operations

James Syring

Vice Adm. James Syring, Missile Defense Agency director, told the Space and Missile Defense Symposium that he believes laser technology will play a role in future military operations, Defense News reported Aug. 24. Jen Judson writes Syring discussed the agency’s demand for directed energy for discrimination and maturation for an eventual boost-phase defense …

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Yahoo News: FBI Detects Foreign Cyber Breach Against Election Databases


The FBI has discovered evidence that foreign hackers breached two state election databases and one attack resulted to voter registration data theft, Yahoo News reported Monday. Michael Isikoff writes the FBI’s cyber division issued an alert that stated the bureau has launched an investigation this summer on hacking incidents against two unnamed state election websites. Yahoo …

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UCSD Researchers Develop ‘Hair-Thin’ System for Interference-Resistant Communications


Researchers at the University of California-San Diego have developed a “hair-thin” receiver that works to retrieve sub-noise radio signals and protect against interference as part of the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency‘s assured communications program. DARPA said Tuesday the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers published a paper that details UCSD’s efforts under the agency’s Hyper-wideband Enabled RF …

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Intel’s Patty Hatter to Serve on NIST Information Security and Privacy Advisory Board

Patty Hatter

Patty Hatter, Intel‘s security group professional services business unit vice president and general manager, will join the National Institute of Standards and Technology‘s Information Security and Privacy Advisory Board on a four-year term. NIST said Tuesday the 20-year leadership veteran will fill a role under the membership category defined in the ISPAB charter as four members from …

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