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Army Implements New DoD Appraisal Program for Civilian Employees


The U.S. Army has begun to transition its civilian staff into the new Defense Performance Management and Appraisal Program for Defense Department employees. The service branch said Wednesday it has transitioned and trained 3,100 Civilian Human Resources Agency staff into the new system and will continue implementation work for more than 200,000 civilians until June 2018. The …

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Military.com: ‘Cannibalized’ Parts to Support Carrier Strike Group in Middle East Operations

U.S. Navy

A fleet of ships including the Nimitz-class carrier USS Dwight D. Eisenhower that will sail to the Middle East to support airstrikes against the Islamic State group will be using second-hand parts from other operational units, Military.com reported Thursday. Hope Hodge Seck writes U.S. Navy operational commanders disclosed this at a House subcommittee …

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NIH to Grant $142M to Mayo Clinic for Biological Sample Collection


The National Institutes of Health plans to award $142 million to the Rochester, Minnesota-based Mayo Clinic to collect, store and distribute biological samples or biospecimens to support research efforts under the Precision Medicine Initiative Cohort program. NIH said Thursday the PMI Cohort program aims to study individual differences in health and disease through biospecimens, lifestyle and …

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Ashton Carter: DoD Should Accelerate Tech Dev’t Efforts

Ashton Carter

Defense Secretary Ashton Carter has visited the Naval Undersea Warfare Center in Newport, Rhode Island, to receive a classified briefing on the facility’s unmanned undersea vehicle technology, the Associated Press reported Wednesday. Jennifer McDermott writes Carter has said the Defense Department should emulate the NUWC facility’s efforts to accelerate the development …

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Senate Committee OKs $574B Defense Budget for Fiscal 2017


The Senate Appropriations Committee has passed a bill that would authorize $515.9 billion for the Defense Department‘s base expenditures and another $58.6 billion wartime overseas contingency programs in fiscal 2017, Defense News reported Thursday. Joe Gould writes defense authorization bill, which the committee unanimously approved Thursday, will now go to the full Senate for …

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NIST-Led Team Unveils Standard to Characterize Production Processes’ Environmental Impacts; Kevin Lyons Comments


The National Institute of Standards and Technology has led a public-private team to develop an international standard that aims to provide manufacturers with a systematic method on how to outline the environmental aspects of any production process. NIST said Thursday the ASTM International E3012-16 standard seeks to help manufacturing firms achieve …

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Deltek Report Identifies Top 5 Federal Spenders on Contracts for Small Biz Offerings


A Deltek analysis of federal contracting activity found that the departments of Defense, Veterans Affairs, Health and Human Services, Homeland Security and Agriculture spent the most on prime contracts with small businesses during fiscal 2015. Kyra Russell, a Deltek principal research analyst, wrote in a blog entry posted Thursday the five departments collectively accounted …

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